Tello Drones + The LocoDrone Coding Platform and 3-12 Curriculum = Magic!

  • LocoDrone For Tello
    • LocoDrone for Tello is now available for educators who love the Tello Drone and want a modern, comprehensive curriculum and seamless coding experience for your students!

    • Ignite Your Classroom or Club

      Project-based learning and hands-on engagement in any K-12 STEM, technology, computer science, and engineering class or club

    • Unmatched LocoRobo Curriculum With Tello

      The only curriculum for Tello by educators for educators - complete with the learning and assessment tools you need at any experience level


How It Works

  • LocoDrone

    Connect Tello to the LocoDrone platform using our special LocoRF technology for uninterrupted connection

  • LocoDrone Coding Platform

    Chromebook Compatible Web-Based Python/Block Coding - No software installation or Chrome app required!

  • Drone Sensor Data Visualizations

    Real-Time Drone Sensor Data Visualizations

  • LocoDrone Physics Lesson

    3-12 Drone Pathway: 200+ Lessons and Challenges!


LocoDrone For Tello: Two Options To Fit Your Needs

  • Tello Class Set

    Full LocoDrone Tello Package

    Tello Class Set + LocoDrone Coding Platform + LocoRF connection + Curriculum

  • Tello Software Only

    Web Platform + Curriculum Only

    LocoDrone Coding Platform + Curriculum + LocoRF connection for your existing Tello Set

    * Compatible with Tello and Tello EDU

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Differentiated Curriculum For Grades 3-12

  • Tello Voyager

    LocoDrone Voyager For Tello

    Grades 9-12

    • Python coding

    • Drone theory

    • Aerodynamics

    • Semi-autonomous flight control

    • Collection, visualization, and statistical analysis of real-time data

    • Industry Standard Coding Practices

  • Tello Explorer

    LocoDrone Explorer For Tello

    Grades 6-8

    • Graphical blocks and Intro to Python

    • Drone Science

    • Foundational computing concepts

    • Semi-autonomous flight control

    • Sensor data visualization and analysis

    • Industry Standard Coding Practices

  • Tello Pioneer

    LocoDrone Pioneer For Tello

    Grades 3-5

    • Choose Graphical Blocks or Non-Coding Drone Curriculum

    • Drone Science

    • Air Traffic Control

    • Manual and semi-autonomous flight control

    • 3D Design

  • Tello Swish

    LocoDrone Swish For Tello

    For Camps and Clubs

    • Activities based curriculum

    • Graphical blocks and Python

    • Air traffic control simulations

    • Manual and semi-autonomous flight control

    • Races, obstacle courses, and mission challenges

    • 3D Design

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"The LocoDrone is the perfect mix of STEM and Computer Science -- after I introduced this drone in my class, my students and curriculum made a solid transition to real-world STEM knowledge and Python programming skills."


Computer Science Teacher, Texas




Web-Based Coding Platform - All You Need Is A Modern Chrome Browser!


  • MAC OS

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

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